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Cartier Raine 

Salon & Spa

A Wide Variety of Massage Services


Our Massage Therapy Services

Need to relax? Cartier Raine Lifestyle Spa in Lewisburg, West Virginia has massage therapy services for you!

Quick Fixes

Face and Scalp Massage, $45.00

These are manipulations done on face and scalp using essential oils. This massage is great for anyone suffering from sinus congestion or headaches and migraines.

Back and Neck Massage, $45.00

This is a 30-minute massage done on the neck, shoulders, and back to relieve tight and sore muscles in the neck and shoulders.

Foot Reflexology, $45.00

This is a 30-minute foot massage using pain relieving serum intended to stimulate all of the systems and organs in the body through reflex points. 

Full Body Massage Options

Relaxation Massage, 1 hour: $75.00; 1.5 hours: $105.00

This relaxing massage uses long connective strokes to stimulate circulation and relieve muscular tension. A blend of Swedish massage, cranial sacral, myofacial release, and aromatherapy make this the ultimate relaxation experience.

Pregnancy Massage, 1 hour: $75.00; 1.5 hours: $105.00

This massage is perfect for mothers. They will be in the side lying position supported comfortably with pillows.

Therapeutic Massage, 1 hour: $80.00; 1.5 hours: $110.00

This customized massage is a combination of myofacial release, trigger point therapy, sports massage, deep tissue, and stretching. Your therapist will also use a combination of heat and cold therapy to soothe aching and sore muscles.

Warm Lava Shell Massage, 1 hour: $85.00; 1.5 hours: $115.00

This full body massage uses warm lava shells to affect the deeper layers of muscles and increase relaxation. This is almost similar to a hot stone massage, and it’s even more sanitary.

Signature Massage Treatments

Signature Massage, 1 hour: $90.00; 

1.5 hours: $120.00

This therapeutic Swedish massage uses coconut oil and essential oils to increase relaxation, hot towels to stimulate circulation, and a variety of modalities to soothe, moisturize, and release tension.

CBD Massage Treatment, 1 hour $105.00, 1.5 hours $135.00

A true CBD experience, this treatment begins with a CBD drink, followed by a full body massage with our custom blended CBD oil and pain relieving balm from our local Arrowhead Hemp Company. 

Member Pricing

  • Receive your massages monthly for 10% off each massage
  • Receive 2 massages a month for 15% off each massage
  • Receive 3 or more massages a month for 20% off each massage

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