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Cartier Raine 

Salon & Spa

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Here at Cartier Raine Lifestyle Spa in Lewisburg, West Virginia, we always strive to cater to the needs of our clients wherever they may be. Check out our store to find out what products do you need.

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JBloom Jewelry

Click the picture to shop and personalize your jewelry online

Liquid Biocell

Collagen Sciences

Click on the picture to shop online

Collagen Stick Packs 

Click on the picture to shop online

Lip Sense

Gloss and remover in stock as well as select colors

Norvell Sunless Products 

Everything you need to enhance and optimize your sunless tan

YANA Daily Collagen Shots

A celebrity secret for youthful glowing skin

Advocare Spark

We carry Spark packets. If you prefer to shop online, just use the link


Cold therapy for muscle aches due to arthritis, sprains, and strains


Herbal neck wraps and eye pillows

Bare Ease

Bikini wax pre- and post-treatment kit

Bella Lucce

Yummy scubs and lotions that are wipped up by hand

Image Skincare

        • Vital C
        • Ormedic
        • The Max
  • Clear Cell
  • Ageless
  • Illuma


We carry a variety of scents and sizes.

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